Trailer Reel

Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Erin Brokovich) has a new film out in the US. Allegedly the penultimate film of the Director’s long career, Contagion is a disaster film concerned with the struggle to survive in a society falling apart from a deadly airborne virus.

As you may already know, Steven Spielberg is trying his hand at an animated Tintin film, dubbed The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of The Unicorn.

George Clooney sits in the director’s seat for his debut film The Ides of March, a campaign thriller about a young press secretary who gets caught up in political scandal that threatens to destroy his candidate’s chances for the presidency.

The third installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise just got a new trailer to tease us with.

Paddy Considine‘s debut film Tryannosaur has been received well so far by critics, this gritty ‘Kitchen-sink’ drama focuses on a man haunted by a history of violence and alcohol abuse and his redemption through an unlikely source, a christian charity worker who has a dark and equally horrific history of her own.


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