UPDATE 01/09/2011

  • Has David Lynch given up on filmmaking?

Regarded as one of the best directors alive, David Lynch has been absent from the movie making business for a while now. It has been five years since his last project Inland Empire and it has become increasingly more doubtful that this is a break inspired by Terrence Malick’s approach to productivity. Recently, Lynch has diverted all his hard work and talent into his debut music album ‘Crazy Clown Time‘ which is due for a November 8th release and according to fellow director Abel Ferrara ‘[Lynch] doesn’t even want to make films anymore’. Whilst no official statement has been announced by Lynch himself, the shift in focus to music and the time elapsed since his last project has lead some to draw the conclusion that there is credence to Ferrara’s comment. Let’s hope Lynch can bring as much creativity to his music as he does to his films.

  • Terrence Malick’s future projects

Whilst on the subject of directors that take long breaks between films, surely no one is more known for this than Terrence Malick. Probably the most enigmatic man in filmmaking, Malick’s work is spread thinly across a career spanning more than 40 years. His latest film Tree of Life, broke a 6 year directorial hiatus but it seems fans of Malick will not have to wait as long for his next set of films. Yeah that’s right, a SET of movies! You wait 6 years for a Terrence Malick film and two come…. no sorry that’s too easy, I’ll spare you the cliche’s and provide you with the latest developments on these projects. Anticipation for Malick’s yet untitled project has been bubbling ever since Tree of Life was unveiled at Cannes and whilst there still is no inclination as to what the film is about, it has entered post-production and is looking to a 2012 release. The Film stars Ben Affleck, Rachael Weisz, Racheal McAdams and Jessica Chastain who collaborated with Malick on The Tree of LIfe.

However, there is another Malick film gearing to shoot next year that now has Christian Bale as its lead. Again, not much is known, but it has been mentioned that this project will boast a much smaller cast. Possible looking towards Rooney Mara, Hayley Bennet, Clemence Poesy or Mia Wasikowska to play the female lead.

That’s not all though as there is still one more project Terrence Malick aims to release, The Voyage of Time. No date has been announced but Brad Pitt is set to narrate the film, which is designed to be a feature length documentary on the birth of the universe right up to its collapse. What’s more, it is filmed in iMax format so expect this to be as much of a spectacle as The Tree of Life was. In fact, The Voyage of Time was meant to be released alongside The Tree of Life but due to the similar subject matters it got pushed back. The film supposedly has cut material from The Tree of Life, the visual shoots of the universe that is.

  • Dirty Dancing is getting a Remake

It seems the big studios in Hollywood can’t keep there hands off the films that were conceived in the ’80s. More and more remakes crop up and if remaking Footloose wasn’t bad enough, Lionhead Studios have announced that they intend to go ahead with a remake of Dirty Dancing. Kenny Ortega, who was one of the choreographers that worked on the original, takes the unfortunate job of directing. Ortega fancies his hand at directing and hopes to modernize the romantic story that focuses on a relationship between a dance teacher and his pupil.  Just how ‘modernized’ the plot will be is yet to be seen, but chances are it’ll be another film that will suffer from feeling out-dated, films like these are a product of their time and you just know someone is going to put baby back in that corner (shudder).


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